The Leveler Foundation

The Leveler Foundation, formerly the Steve J Miller Foundation, is a philanthropic organization that provides grants to non-profits.

Applying for a grant

Application deadline: The deadline for submitting grant applications is April 1, 2024.

Solicited applications: The Leveler Foundation only accepts grant applications that have been solicited or approved for submission by a board member. If your organization is interested in submitting a grant application, please contact a board member before submitting an application.

Application packets should include the following: 1) grant application; 2) organization budget and project budget (if applicable); 3) proof of 501(c)3 status; 4) supplemental materials regarding the organization, project, etc.

There is no application form. Your grant application is a 3 – 5 page write-up, in which you explain your organization and your project, etc. It may be a good idea to submit this to the board member who is soliciting your application in advance.

Application submission: The Leveler Foundation will accept grant applications through this site only, and will no longer accept application materials in hard copy. Upload the grant application, budget, and 510(c)3 status materials in a single .pdf file using the file upload icon in the upper right of this page. Be sure to first select the file and then upload it. Title the grant application .pdf file as follows: “LFGrant – name of your organization – 2024”. If you submit supplemental materials, title the .pdf file “LFGrant – name of your organization – supplemental materials – 2024”.

Please direct inquiries to the Board President: